Video Surveillance

Newer technology has made video surveillance more popular and functional. Cameras are installed where surveillance is requested with images being transferred to stand alone monitors and/or computer monitors. Digital video recorders process and record these images on their hard drives. Many machines have CD burners built-in to transfer vial video footage. Multiplex machines record images from all on-site cameras simultaneously.

Cameras may be installed indoors, outdoors and in culvert applications. Tough vandal-resistant armored dome cameras are a popular choice outdoors. Infrared illuminators built-in to the cameras provide black and white night vision. Small bullet type cameras are used where affordable, low profile cameras are desired. Cameras are also designed for applications when camera location is secret. These cameras are designed ultra small or disguised as a wall clock, security motion detector etc.

The options available for viewing your cameras are many. Simple setups use a dedicated video monitor or video input to an existing TV. Viewing can also be sent to on-site computers. Most digital video recorders will offer free web hosting. With free web hosting, software and apps are available via downloads. Once your DVR information is programmed, your cameras may be viewed off-site on any computer or smart device with proper password and login.

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