Cable Management Solutions

With today’s electronics driven society, there are multiple types of wiring on many installations. We design our structured wiring installations with ease of termination and service in mind.

Fin Security LLC offers customers professional, neat cabling solutions customized to their needs. We utilize 36” distribution panels (central wiring panel) with phone data, video and security termination hubs. All wiring is labeled with its homerun location point. Most distribution panels will be located where service enters the building. We will provide a walk-thru to determine locations for wall plates and devices. Our wall plates feature keystone type jacks that combine what services are needed at each location. For example, an office may require a phone, fax, internet and video at someone’s desk. This will be incorporated into one 4-port wall plate.

By installing a distribution panel, the head-end service location remains neat and easy for the service providers (phone and cable company) to initiate their service hookup. No need to meter out wires and have splices and splitters throughout the building. All wiring is labeled and terminated in the panel. Routers could easily be installed to create a local area network (LAN) connecting to the labeled data hub.

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