Whole Home Audio

Becoming very popular is the installation of whole house audio. Music can be distributed in many rooms/areas of your home. These systems even find many applications for use in commercial buildings.

Systems are generally installed by providing stereo speakers in different rooms wired to head-end location of components. Simple systems utilize an amplifier, speaker selector and source equipment (CD player, iPod dock etc.) These affordable setups provide distribution of a single selected music source throughout different areas. In-wall volume controls, if installed, provide volume adjustments to each room.

Other options becoming more popular include network streaming of music. There are many services available that provide internet music streaming. The stereo equipment will access the music via easy to operate menus available on your TV, smart phone or tablet. Click here for more information.

We install several types of easy to operate systems from networking receivers to multi-zone multi-source players. Multi-zone systems may utilize wall mounted keypads or apps downloaded to your smart device. These systems provide greater flexibility by allowing each area choice of music preference.

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