Residential Security Systems

New Home Construction

We provide burglar and fire alarm protection for your new home. New home installation utilizes prewiring perimeter doors and windows with recessed contacts. This provides a superior installation, keeping all wiring and contacts hidden from visibility. While prewiring, devices can be located ideally for maximum detection and functional purpose.


Incorporating fire protection into your new home will provide early warning of a fire and most important, dispatch local authorities and notify responsible party thru central station monitoring.


Other types of detection available are carbon monoxide, low temperature and water detection. Your alarm panel sends detailed information to the monitoring station and the appropriate action is taken.


Existing Home Construction

Fin Security LLC provides expert installation with years of experience working in existing homes. We provide talented installation techniques second to none in providing a clean looking professional installation.


Depending on your type of home, hardwiring and/or wireless devices will be utilized to provide a completed system. Our master control panels are hybrid and will accept hardwired and wireless detection devices.


While designing a system for your house, consider adding fire, carbon monoxide and other types of environmental detectors (low temp and water) to optimize your system. The central monitoring station will know what type of alarm has occurred and handle accordingly.

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